Advice on Cosmetic Dentistry Claims

Lots of dental treatment types fall under cosmetic dentistry including:
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Some treatments are much more invasive than others and have varying degrees of longevity. It is important to understand completely the nature of the treatment that you are undergoing and how long it will last.

What can go wrong with Cosmetic Dentistry?

Due to the varying nature of cosmetic dentistry, there are many different things that can go wrong.

Some common examples include:

  • Poorly fitting crowns where they are hard to clean and food gets trapped underneath causing gum disease and other issues
  • Badly fitted veneers that fall off, or are the wrong size causing discomfort
  • Ill-fitting bridge that create a food trap and are hard to clean, sometimes breaking and falling out, or are placed on teeth that are not suitable due to damage or decay
  • Unnecessary orthodontics causing unnecessary damage to teeth and financial loss.

Cosmetic Dentistry Information

There are various procedures which fall under Cosmetic Dentistry. Select from the list below to read more;

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The Dental Law Partnership has won compensation for multiple clients who have suffered as a result of dental negligence regarding cosmetic dentistry.

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If you have suffered in any way due to negligent cosmetic dentistry – whether it be pain, embarrassment or financial loss you can contact the expert solicitors at the Dental Law Partnership to discover if you have a claim.

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