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The NHS Low Income Scheme

Those who are not exempt from NHS dental treatment charges but are on a low income and may not be able to afford dental work otherwise, may be entitled to partial or full help with costs from the NHS Low Income Scheme. The eligibility and amount of help available will depend on the applicant’s household income and outgoings. Anyone can apply, as long as they don’t have savings or investments over a certain limit.

An application form can be downloaded and printed and supporting evidence will need to be provided. This is usually in the form of proof of earnings for those who are employed, profit and loss accounts for those who are self-employed, and an award notice for students of any grants, bursaries, awards and any financial assessments carried out for any student loan applications.

If you have recently paid for dental treatment but think that you might qualify for the NHS Low Income Scheme, you might be able to claim a refund for some, or all, of the amount that you have paid. Refunds will need to be claimed within three months of the date on which you paid.

All of the forms required to apply for the scheme, and more details about who may qualify, can be found here.