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The Dental Negligence Claims Process

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Making a Dental Negligence Claim

If you’re looking to sue your dentist following treatment in England or Wales that you’re not happy with, our team of expert lawyers at the Dental Law Partnership will be able to help. Making a dental negligence claim can be a straightforward process when you have the right support and guidance from professionals in the field.

Some of the most common reasons that people have for making a claim against their dentist include:

  • Misdiagnosis or late diagnosis of a serious dental condition which results in you suffering pain or injury
  • Complete failure to diagnose a serious dental condition resulting in injury, pain or suffering
  • Injury caused by a poorly performed dental procedures
  • Injury caused by carelessness of the dental practitioner
  • Financial loss from having to pay to correct a mistake made by a dental professional
  • Loss of earnings suffered if you are unable to work as a result of dental negligence
  • Physical trauma suffered as a result of dental negligence
  • Psychological trauma suffered as a result of dental negligence
  • Other pain or suffering caused by a dental practitioner enlisted to carry out dental work

See if you have a case for dental negligence:

How do I sue a dentist for negligence?

If you think that you have been a victim of dental negligence, the first thing you should do is contact a specialist dental law solicitor. They will discuss your experience and tell you if you may be able to make a claim. This will depend on; your individual circumstances, the nature of your complaint and the severity of the injury, pain or suffering you have experienced as a result of the poor care you may have received.

Do you have a valid dental negligence claim?

In order to find out whether you’re entitled to dental negligence compensation, the first thing you need to do is discuss your case with one of our skilled solicitors and dentists. We will then be able to review your case and determine whether you are able to proceed with a dental negligence claim. Start you claim today

How is your dental negligence claim funded?

Most of our dental negligence cases are funded by a no win, no fee agreement, which means that if your claim is not successful, you will not need to pay us anything.

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    How does the dental negligence claim process work?

    We will endeavour to achieve a negotiated settlement of your dental negligence claim. The majority of claims are resolved at a relatively early stage and without the need to commence court proceedings. However, on occasion a dentist may strongly resist a claim or additional information may come to light which affects the strength of the claim. Sometimes it is necessary to commence court proceedings in order to resolve the claim.

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    How much compensation could I expect to receive from a dental negligence claim?

    The amount of compensation that you could receive for a successful dental negligence claim will depend on a number of factors, which include:

    • The nature of the claim e.g. misdiagnosis, carelessness or poor technique by the dental professional
    • The severity and longevity of the injury, pain and suffering experienced by the claimant as a result of the dentist’s action or inaction
    • The extent to which further dental treatment is/was required to remedy the damage caused by the original negligence

    Once your claim has been fully assessed by our expert team, they would will be in a position to advise on the amount of compensation you are likely to receive, based on our experience of similar previous cases. However, if the case goes to trial, the judge is the person who decides on the compensation amount.

    Should I stop dental treatment whilst my case is still ongoing?

    If you have an ongoing negligence claim but need emergency dental treatment, perhaps to treat pain or infection, then this must take priority over your legal case, as it is treatment that you do require. If the treatment you want is a matter of choice, such as a cosmetic procedure, having the work done before your claim is finished could interfere with vital evidence, depending on the specifics of your case. At the Dental Law Partnership, we can advise you on the best ways to preserve evidence for your legal claim, whilst often enabling you to have the elective treatment that you want, too.

    Can I sue my dentist for pain and suffering?

    If you have been injured by your dentist’s mistake or negligence or you have experienced pain and suffering as a result of their actions or inaction when you were under their care, you may be eligible to make a dental negligence claim. The amount of compensation you might receive if you successfully sue your dentist for the pain and suffering you have experienced will depend on the severity of what has happened to you and the impact that it has had on your life.


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    Mr M North West – 17/01/2020

    “All that remains is for me to thank you for your kind words, for your continued efforts, for providing complete transparency and clarity when required, and also for your patience. I wish you nothing but the best going forwards.”

    Mr S, East Yorkshire – 20/12/2019

    I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, and your colleagues at Dental Law, for all your hard work in pursuing my claim. I was very pleased with the outcome. Every aspect of the case was handled with the upmost professionalism and clear advice throughout. The advice on liability and quantum was right on the mark. I would not hesitate in recommending Dental Law.

    Mrs M, South East – 12/12/2019

    “I would highly recommend the DLP to others seeking help with dental negligence, for providing excellent advice and clear communication throughout the process, and from a personal point of view making what felt like a daunting prospect at the outset straightforward to understand.”

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