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Failure To Diagnose Claims

If you have visited your dentist with an issue regarding your oral health and they have failed to examine you correctly, or if they have diagnosed your problem but failed to take some of your pain, sensitivity or other symptoms into consideration, they could be overlooking an oral health condition. If, by misdiagnosing a problem, or failing to diagnose it altogether, the condition becomes worse, causes pain and suffering or means that you need to have further treatment to rectify or mitigate the issue, you may be eligible to make a compensation claim.

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Common conditions that dentists may fail to diagnose

While most dentists are highly skilled, dedicated and treat their patients with a high level of care and professionalism, this is sadly not always the case. In some cases, if your trusted dental professional has not identified the symptoms of an oral health issue, it can lead to a failure to diagnose the problem. This failure can have huge adverse effects on your health, as the condition going unchecked means it will also go untreated. Some of the most common conditions that dentists can fail to notice or diagnose correctly, include:

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