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Root Canal Infections

Root Canal Infections

Infection after root canal treatments can sometimes occur. If the procedure was carried out negligently, one of the symptoms that may occur is an infection, which may spread and can cause significant issues if not treated appropriately and promptly.

This kind of mistake by a dentist is not only painful and worrying, but can result in other issues such as the spread of the infection to the surrounding teeth and gums, problems with eating and speaking and possibly even sepsis. This type of issue can sometimes result in tooth loss.

If you have unfortunately experienced an infection after root canal treatment, and this has led to further injury, you might be eligible to make a compensation claim for dental negligence.

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What causes a root canal infection?

A common cause of root canal infections in the days and week after the root canal procedure is carried out, is if the decay, which should be completely removed during the root canal procedure, is not all cleared. If any of this is left behind, it can allow bacteria to grow, which may result in infection.

How do you know if your root canal is infected?

If you’ve had a root canal procedure and think that you might possibly have an infection, this list of symptoms might help. Some of the symptoms include:

If you experience one or more of these signs of infection after root canal treatment, you should return to your dentist so that, if there is an infection, it can be brought under control and hopefully stop any further damage to your oral health.

Why does my root canal keep getting infected?

If you do get an infection after root canal retreatment, , this could be because there is a more significant problem that means the root canal procedure has failed.
It might mean that the tooth in question isn’t viable for this kind of treatment, or it could mean that the root canal procedure done was performed to a poor standard. Not every failed root canal is a result of dental negligence, but if you believe that the treatment you received was not of a reasonable standard and you have suffered as a result, you might be eligible to make a dental negligence claim. Get in touch to find out more by calling 0808 271 4820.

How long does a root infection take to heal?

The time it takes for an infected tooth from a root canal procedure to heal can vary. For many people, a course of antibiotics that lasts a couple of weeks might be enough to clear the infection. However, severe infections, recurring infections or infections that have not been treated appropriately and promptly may require further dental treatment or medical intervention.

What if I get an infection after root canal and crown?

A crown is often added shortly after the root canal procedure has been carried out, to give the tooth a more natural appearance and to help protect what remains of the tooth underneath. However, if you get an infection after the root canal treatment, this can have significant consequences if it isn’t resolved quickly.

Whilst an infection at the tooth after root canal treatment isn’t common, it can happen and can sometimes be caused by dental negligence – if the dentist failed to carry out the procedure to a high standard. If you think that this is what happened to you, you might be able to claim compensation. Call us to find out if you have a claim, on 0808 271 4820.

Can a root canal infection spread?

Root canal infections can sometimes spread to the surrounding gums, teeth and cheek tissue, especially if the infection is not treated quickly. A jaw-bone infection from a root canal procedure isn’t common, but the longer it takes to diagnose and treat this type of infection, the greater the chances that other damage can occur as a result.

If you visit your dentist with signs of infection after root canal treatment and they do not diagnose or treat you for one, leading to you being further injured, this is dental negligence and you might be eligible for compensation.

Get in touch today for more information or to find out if you can make a dental negligence claim after an infection caused by a failed root canal. Call 0808 271 4820.

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