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Jaw fracture dental negligence claims

Whilst experiencing a jaw fracture because of dental negligence is rare, these things do sometimes happen, and you might have been let down by a dentist who has caused a jaw injury. The most common way that dental negligence jaw fractures happen is during a tooth extraction, when so much force is exerted to remove the tooth that your jaw is fractured as a result. Mistakes that happen during dental implants procedures can also cause fractured jaws, as well as nerve damage. This kind of mistake by a dentist is not only painful but can result in other issues such as problems with opening your mouth, eating, speaking and can even cause disfigurement.

If you have unfortunately experienced a fractured jaw after dental treatment, you might be eligible to make a compensation claim for dental negligence.

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How much are dental negligence jaw facture pay-outs?

If you make a successful claim for a jaw fracture caused by dental negligence, the amount of money that you might be awarded in compensation will depend on a number of factors. These include:

You will also be able to claim back any financial losses and expenses that you have had as a direct result of the injury caused by dental negligence. This could include things like lost wages for time at work that you have missed and the money that you have paid out for travelling to medical appointments.

Can you claim money if a dentist snaps your jaw?

If a dentist does cause you a jaw injury during treatment because they have made an avoidable error or you have been on the receiving end of a standard of care that falls below what is reasonable and acceptable, you might well be able to make a compensation claim. Jaw fractures as a result of dental negligence are not common, but they do sometimes happen and it can be a very traumatic experience, as well as being painful and sometimes leading to further health issues.

What proof is needed for a claim for dental negligence jaw fracture?

If you want to make a dental negligence claim for a jaw fracture, you’ll need to prove that the dental professional was negligent in your care and that you were injured as a direct result of this. An experienced dental negligence solicitor can handle gathering the necessary evidence required to give your claim the best chance of a successful outcome. The kinds of evidence most often used in this type of dental negligence claim would be dental records and medical records from before and after the incident, so that it can be proven that your dental treatment caused the jaw fracture and any other resulting issues. You may also need to be assessed by an independent expert to assess the injury, its impact on your life and any long-term or permanent consequences from what has happened to you. As expert dental negligence solicitors who have helped our clients successfully claim compensation in a wide variety of different types of case, we’re ideally placed to gather the evidence needed on your behalf.

Who do I complain to if a dentist has damaged my jaw?

You don’t need to have made a formal complaint to your dentist in order to make a dental negligence claim. If your dentist or a hospital was negligent when treating you and your jaw was fractured as a result, you can make a compensation claim regardless of whether you complained at the time or not. In some cases, you might not realise the damage that was done by your dentist until some time after the treatment you received.

If you believe that your dentist has damaged your jaw during treatment and you want to make a formal complaint, you can write to the practice at which you were treated. You can find out more about complaining about poor dental treatment here.

Can I claim if my dentist broke my jaw during extraction treatment?

You might be eligible to claim dental negligence compensation if your dentist broke your jaw during a tooth extraction if you meet the requirements and are within the three-year time limit. The eligibility criteria requires that you must have been injured as a direct result of an avoidable error made by your dentist or because the standard of care that they gave you was not acceptable or reasonable.

The three-year time limit starts from when the negligence occurred or from when you found out that you were injured as a result of dental negligence. Once this time limit has passed, you will no longer be able to make a dental negligence claim for what happened to you. This is one reason why it’s important to get expert legal advice as soon as possible after the incident that resulted in your injury.

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