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Dental Complaints

Complaining About Dentists

If you have been the victim of substandard dental work, you will know the long term effects that it can have on your life. But what can you do to put things right?

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Unhappy with dental treatment?

If you are unhappy with the treatment you have received from your dentist, many victims of dental negligence consider complaining about their dentist. Depending on the method they choose to complain by this can not only ensure that others don’t suffer in the same way; it could also help them to gain the financial support required to recover from their dental complaints and regain as much normality as possible.

If you are unhappy with dental treatment and need further dental work from an NHS dentist as a result, this will, in most cases, be free. This is if further treatment is within a year of the original dental work. If you feel the negligent NHS treatment has caused distress and negatively affected your physical wellbeing, you also have a right to claim compensation from the NHS.

Once you decide to make a complaint about your dentist, you have to decide how. That’s why we’ve produced a short and simple run down of your options or you can start a claim today.

Legal Action

If you have lost confidence in your dentist or have suffered loss of earnings, or severe pain and suffering you may wish to make a dental negligence claim.Making a dental negligence claim with an expert solicitor, such as the Dental Law Partnership, is the only way to get compensation for substandard care.

This compensation will help you to pay for any procedures you might require to repair dental work or recover from any subsequent infections or illnesses.

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As the leading specialist dental negligence solicitors in the UK, the Dental Law Partnership can provide you with the legal know-how, dental expertise and personal service required to bring a successful claim against your dentist.

If you have cause to complain about your dentist, the Dental Law Partnership can ensure that your complaint is heard and that the appropriate compensation is provided.

How do I make a complaint against a dentist?

The first step in complaining about any poor treatment you received is to contact your dentist directly, and raise the matter either with your dentist or with the practice manager.

If the treatment you received was on the NHS the dentist should follow the NHS complaints procedure.

If you received private treatment then the practice should have its own complaints procedure, if you are unsatisfied with the outcome of this complaint the Dental Complaints Service can assist with resolving your complaint about private treatment.

NHS complaints

You can also complain directly to your NHS dentist. Try and raise the matter either with your dentist or with the practice manager first. You can do this in writing, by email or over the phone. If you received NHS dental treatment, the dentist should follow the official NHS complaints procedure.

How to complain about a private dentist

If you received private treatment, then the practice should have its own complaints procedure. Not sure where to complain if you do not wish to deal with your dentist directly? If you are unsatisfied with the outcome of this complaint, the Dental Complaints Service can assist with resolving your complaint about private treatment. They have a dedicated team of trained advisors who help private dental patients and dental professionals settle grievances regarding private dental care.

What is the Dental Complaints Service?

The Dental Complaints Service aim to help patients and even dental professionals settle complaints about dental care fairly and efficiently. The Dental Complaints Service are funded by the General Dental Council and they provide their services free to intervene issues between dental patients and professionals.

NHS Dental Complaints

If you would prefer not to complain about your dental treatment directly to your dentist, you can contact NHS England to make an NHS dental complaint. If you remain unhappy with the response to your complaint you can refer the matter to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman by calling 0345 015 4033. The ombudsman works independently of the government and the NHS. Contact us for more advice.


The General Dental Council are the organisation which regulates dentists and other dental care professionals in the UK. This includes clinical dental technicians, orthodontists and dental therapists, in addition to dental hygienists and nurses.

All dentists and dental professionals in the UK must be registered with the GDC in order to work in the UK.The GDC will take action if a dental professional ability or behaviour means that it is not suitable for them to continue working.

Patients can also complain if they believe that their dentist is not registered; and therefore operating illegally.