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Our Expert Dental Advisor Team


We have an in-house team of specialist dental advisors at our fingertips, dedicated to advising our dental solicitors and legal executives on your dental negligence claims. We understand the relief of finding the right legal team to take on your dental negligence case – that’s why at the Dental Law Partnership, we offer our clients absolute reassurance with 24+ years of professional legal and dental care experience.


Dental Expertise: Our Role & Responsibilities

Following the acceptance of a case, your dental records and any other relevant evidence will be gathered for careful assessment by our in-house dental advisor team. Our experts will analyse the data and provide a full and detailed report to the legal team, including:

  • A chronology of treatment
  • An identification of where the duty of care was breached
  • The harm negligent treatment has caused to the client.

Once we have an accurate picture of your dental negligence case, we’ll be able to assess your chances of successfully being awarded compensation in your malpractice claim. If we believe you have a viable case, we’ll continue the dental negligence claims process by attempting to negotiate with the defendant. 

In most cases, your claim will be resolved within the negotiation period. However, court proceedings may be necessary if negotiations are not successful. Rest assured that we will support you throughout your claim – find out more about how to sue your dentist here.

Dentistry Experience

Our dental advisors come from a variety of clinical backgrounds. With a mix of active and retired dentists on our team, they collectively bring with them over 60 years of experience in the dentistry field.  With dental expertise  that ranges from general dental practice through to the armed forces, all our dentists have a wealth of skills that they bring to the role.”

For example, our Joint Managing Directors David Corless Smith and Christopher Dean both worked as dentists before working at the Dental Law Partnership. Chris was also the founding member of the UK Dental Law and Ethics Forum, and has also co-written the Dental Surgery chapter of the definitive practitioner work, Clinical Negligence (Fifth Edition). David, on the other hand, helped to found the Dental Law Partnership, pioneering the use of conditional (no-win, no-fee) agreements within the dental legal sector.

Years worked at DLP

Our team of 7 clinical professionals assess all cases that come to the Dental Law Partnership  They have worked on a diverse range of dental negligence cases in England and Wales and have helped settle a range of notable cases including the following dental treatments:  

As well as physical trauma and injuries, we can also include the following elements within your dental negligence claim:

You can read more about our previous cases on our testimonials page.

Specialisms within the team

Our dental team holds specialist interests in the study of dental law and ethics, including:

This is in addition to the years spent in general dental practice. If you’d like to find out more about claiming with our team, please request a callback today.