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Dental Negligence Solicitors Claims Liverpool

Experiencing dental negligence can be extremely traumatic. Whilst you might not realise it whilst undergoing negligent treatment at the time, you are being let down by someone that you trust to look after your oral health, and sometimes the consequences can be difficult to deal with.

Some people who have experienced dental negligence are left with long-term or permanent issues with their teeth and pain that affects their daily life. They may also be left with visible dental issues that can affect their self-esteem and confidence. For those who are able to have restorative dental work to try and fix some or all of the issues caused by their negligent dentist, there are often significant costs associated with this, along with the sense of misjustice for what has happened.


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How to make a dental negligence claim in Liverpool

If you’re looking for dental negligence advice in Liverpool or anywhere across England and Wales, acting quickly and getting expert assistance can be key to giving your claim the best chance of success. For a Liverpool dental negligence compensation claim to be successful, you will need to prove that the dental care you received was negligent and didn’t meet the standards considered to be acceptable.

We offer a free, no-obligation consultation so that your potential claim can be assessed and once we understand the circumstances involved, we can tell you whether you have a good chance of a successful outcome. We can usually offer to represent you and your claim on a no win, no fee agreement. This means that if your claim isn’t successful, you won’t need to pay any legal fees.

In order to proceed with your dental negligence claim, evidence will be needed to help prove that your dentist was negligent, and that you were injured and suffered as a result. This may involve an assessment by an independent dental expert, who will be able to determine the extent of the injury or damage caused by the negligence and the impact that this has had on your life.

The next stage of a dental negligence claim in Liverpool or elsewhere is to notify the other party about the claim and give them an opportunity to respond. If the dental professional decides not to defend the claim, it is usually possible to reach a settlement at this point.

If you suffered an injury or further dental problems because a dentist was negligent with your care, you might be able to make a dental negligence claim for compensation. No amount of money can turn back the clock and stop the negligence from having happened in the first place, but a successful claim can mean you are able to move forward from the situation and gain a sense of justice for what you have suffered. Compensation can help pay for restorative dental work and also replace any out of pocket expenses you have had due to the negligence e.g. lost wages due to your injury or related appointments.

The Dental Law Partnership are experienced dental negligence solicitors serving Liverpool and the surrounding area. We understand what is required to build a strong case that helps you get the best possible outcome from your compensation claim. Our team includes both dentists and specialist dental negligence solicitors, this unique approach means we have a strong proven track record for successful claims on behalf of our clients

If the other party disputes the claim, there may be further negotiations or court proceedings will be issued. It is rare for a dental negligence claim to go to trial, but if that does happen, the judge will decide on the outcome of the claim.

We have a proven track record of successful dental negligence claims in Liverpool and around the country, so can offer specialist advice and support to clients anywhere in the North West and beyond.

How much is a Liverpool dental negligence claim worth?

The amount of compensation that can be awarded for a successful dental negligence claim in Liverpool will depend on factors including:

Every individual dental negligence Liverpool claim has its own set of circumstances and factors, so it’s not possible to give an accurate estimate of the level of compensation that may be awarded until your claim has been properly assessed. Get in touch today to find out how much your Liverpool dental negligence claim could be worth. Call 0808 271 4820.

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