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Benefits of reducing your alcohol intake

We live in a world of constant social outings, meeting friends in the restaurant one glass won’t hurt, suns shining let’s have a cider, going out-out at the weekend and waking up to a hammering hangover. Although there are no “safe” levels of drinking, there are benefits to reducing your alcohol intake, which can greatly improve your oral health. This is because drinking alcohol has been linked to a host of oral health issues including oral cancer, tooth decay and tooth erosion, so let’s dive into the ways reducing our alcohol consumption can lead to a much healthier mouth and overall wellbeing.

Better night’s sleep.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for our bodies to function properly, the amount of sleep your body needs is very personal to you but rest assured if you have alcohol in your system your quality of sleep drastically decreases. This is because drinking alcohol can disrupt your sleep patterns and stop you falling into a deep sleep. So, cutting down on alcohol should help you feel more rested when you wake up in the mornings.

Reduce the risk of the scary ‘C’ word.

One of the most devastating effects of high alcohol consumption is the increased risk of cancer, particularly when combined with other unhealthy behaviours like smoking. Cancer Research UK found alcohol contributes to 35 out of 100 (around 35%) of oral cancers in the UK, which are scary odds considering how accessible alcohol is.

Improved overall health.

Did you know? Alcoholic drinks are high in calories, so cutting back can help you to reduce your daily calorie intake too. What’s more you’ll also experience fewer alcohol-related symptoms like headaches, heartburn, indigestion andstomach cramps. So, you have more time to feel more energised and ready for the day.

More money in your pocket

With the everchanging governments and the cost-of-living crisis bearing down on us constantly, people are still spending on average £14.30 on alcoholic drinks per week per household. So, by cutting back your intake it could save you a lot of money in the long run. Find out how much your drinking habits affect your health, wallet, and weight here.

There are so many potential improvements for your dental health if you cut back your alcohol intake this alcohol awareness month, including: lowering your risks of developing mouth cancer, losing teeth and tooth decay, whilst also being beneficial to other aspects of your life and overall health. But the real magic happens when you look at the long-term changes reducing your alcohol consumption can make. So, let’s use this as a reminder to encourage everyone to drink more healthily all-year-round.


Written by Nichole Sasi | Marketing Executive


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