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National Children’s Dental Health Month

February marks the start of National Children’s Dental Health Month, here at DLP we want to, help to raise awareness for keeping children’s mouths and gums healthy. Dental hygiene and the upkeep required, is something children learn from a very young age – from routine brushing and flossing to attending regular dentist appointments. This month-long recognition of Childrens Dental Health is there to act as a reminder to parents and guardians to ensure oral care is a key part of every child’s life.

The most common oral health issue in children is tooth decay. Did you know that tooth decay is the number one reason for children’s hospital admissions in England? Tooth decay is more prevalent in children’s teeth as the enamel is not as hard as on adult teeth, and as a result means children’s teeth are more prone to decay. The symptoms of tooth decay can vary from toothache to tooth sensitivity to white or brown stains on the tooth or an infection. Routine brushing and keeping the teeth clean is the best advice our dental experts can give to parents and children, as well as attending routine dental appointments on average 1-2 times a year, in line with their dentist’s guidance.

As The Dental Law Partnership approach their 25th anniversary next year, we are no stranger to knowing, despite good brushing habits, there can still be issues with children’s teeth that are not always noticed or diagnosed correctly by their dentist. Schoolgirl Emily Smith, from Lancashire was hospitalised for days after multiple dentists at the same practice failed to diagnose an abbess, leading to a major infection. Kyle Padley, Solicitor at The Dental Law Partnership commented: “The distress and pain our client and her family have experienced was completely unnecessary. If the dentists involved had provided more satisfactory treatment, her problems could have been avoided.”

If you feel that you, or your child, have been let down by your dentist and have suffered as a result, you can contact the Dental Law Partnership to discuss your options. With many recent news reports claiming we are in a ‘’British Dental Health crisis’’ – could children be paying the ultimate price?