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The dangers of home teeth whitening kits

More consumers than ever are now visiting their dentist for professional bleaching or laser teeth whitening treatments. Unfortunately, the increased demand for whiter teeth means that many people are opting for off the shelf bleaching kits instead of visiting their dentist – unaware that this could put them at risk of mouth infections and stomach problems, among other issues.

Chemical burns from teeth whitening

There is a huge market for at-home teeth whitening kits that require the use of a mouth guard that the consumer fills with a chemical gel. However, without a qualified dental professional taking a mould of your teeth first, it’s possible that the guard may not fit properly, and some of the gel may leak out onto your mouth or skin causing serious chemical burns.

Teeth whitening damaging tooth enamel

Home teeth whitening kits often advertise results in just minutes – which usually suggests that they contain chlorine dioxide, which is the same acid used to clean swimming pools. This chemical strips away any stains from teeth, giving that gorgeous white glow so many consumers desire. Unfortunately, it tends to strip the enamel from the teeth too, leaving the tooth exposed and often resulting in irreparable damage.

Teeth whitening causing damage to gums

Whilst hydrogen peroxide is safe to use in small doses, many home teeth whitening kits contain more than 0.1% which can cause burns to the soft tissue inside the mouth, increase tooth sensitivity and, in extreme cases, irreversible gum recession.

Mouth infections caused by teeth whitening

The high chance of chemical burns that come with many home teeth whitening kits, can mean that parts of the mouth and gum are left exposed if used frequently. Just like a cut on your skin, if you have a wound exposed in your mouth you are much more vulnerable to infections caused by the high levels of bacteria living in the mouth.

Legal advice if you’ve had your teeth whitened professionally

Unfortunately, it’s not just home teeth whitening kits that can cause problems. Whilst the majority of dentists carry out an excellent job at bleaching or laser teeth whitening, avoidable accidents can happen if your dentist fails to take the proper care.

If you believe that your dentist may have contributed to oral health issues after having your teeth whitened, you may be entitled to compensation. At Dental Law Partnership, our team of expert Dental Negligence solicitors are on hand to help you at every step of the way; call us today on 0808 278 8202.