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Dr Croxford

Dento-Legal Advisor

About Me

I am the Principal Dento-Legal Advisor and Clinical Dept Manager at the Dental Law Partnership with the in-house dental expert team. I worked within the dental sector for 21 years, before moving to my position at the Dental Law Partnership in 2013.

My current role involves assessing all cases to provide an accurate assessment of the clinical aspects of each dental negligence claim.

Within my role, I also provide dental training to the Legal and Operations teams to improve their knowledge of dental negligence litigation.


As I have worked within the dental industry for over 20 years, I have a lot of experience within the field. After completing my degree, I worked at Manchester Dental Hospital for a year, before moving into general dental practice. After 21 years working within the dental field, I joined the Dental Law Partnership in 2013.


I studied dentistry at the University of Manchester and was awarded a BDS with honours.

My years in the dental industry have also given me a lot of experience within the field, enabling me to work effectively in my role.

If you feel you have suffered from dental negligence and you’d like to open a claim, please make an enquiry with our expert team here.

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