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Case Study

Compensation Received – £10,000

Mrs Y experienced a number of issues in regards to an unsatisfactory dental implant procedure which left her in a significant amount of pain and the need for further treatment. She was awarded £10,000 in dental negligence compensation after going to the Dental Law Partnership for help.

Mrs Y from the South East agreed to a dental implant procedure after it was recommended by Dr N, her dentist of over 5 years. The implant was to replace one of her front incisors which is a visible tooth and therefore needed to be completed with extra care. However, the end result of Dr N’s work meant that Mrs Y did not get the outcome she had expected.

After the procedure took place, Mrs Y thought this was the end of the ordeal, yet a couple of months later she began to experience excruciating pain around her implant. She visited another dentist for a second opinion and she was told of how her implant was completed to an extremely low standard and she had developed an infection.

She said, “I couldn’t believe it. I was conscious of having dental work on one of my front teeth anyway and I was equally as shocked to hear it wasn’t completed correctly.”

The examination revealed that Mrs Y’s treatment was not of a satisfactory quality – the implant fixture did not have a sufficient level of bone support which resulted in an infection. If Dr N had taken more care at the examination phase, he would have realised that Mrs Y was not suited for an implant procedure. Due to the infection that Mrs Y suffered as a result off Dr N’s inattention, she had to have her implant removed resulting in the need for replacement treatment.

When Mrs Y approached the Dental Law Partnership with her case, we were able to advise that she had in fact suffered from dental neglect. After support and guidance from our specialist solicitors, we were able to successfully secure £10,000 compensation for Mrs Y so she could begin to feel confident in her appearance.

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