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Case Study

Compensation Received – £10,000



We expect our dentist to uncover any underlying problems with our teeth and treat them accordingly. However, cases of negligence can and do happen with dentists failing to diagnose problems or provide adequate treatments.

Mr H from the North West was, in fact, diagnosed with decay in 2009 and a white composite filling was placed during 2010. Later in the year, he returned to his dentist Dr C, complaining of pain in his mouth’s lower left quadrant however, Dr C simply dismissed his concerns and reassured him rather than investigating.

Mr H continued to suffer with severe toothache until decay was finally diagnosed. Another filling was placed, however it was of a poor standard and repeatedly suffered staining, needing to be replaced on several occasions.

After attending another dentist, the client was informed of multiple problems with Dr C’s restoration work as well as further undiagnosed and untreated decay. Mr H’s new dentist provided root canal treatment as well as replacement restoration work – all of which should have been offered originally by Dr C.

Mr H approached the Dental Law Partnership who took up his case and fought for compensation. He was awarded £10,000 to cover the cost of the dental treatment as well as to make up for the pain he underwent due to Dr C’s negligence. If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from dental malpractice, you can call the Dental Law Partnership today on 0800 0853 823 and, if we believe you have a claim, our team of specialist dental law solicitors will fight for your right to compensation.