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Case Study

Compensation Received – £12,000


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In a shocking case of dental negligence, Mrs M’s dentist failed to diagnose gum disease despite treating her nearly ten times from April 2004 through to July 2010.

Dr L suggested X-rays should be taken after Mrs M complained of pains in her teeth in 2004. Her dentist found that 4 teeth were suffering from severe bone loss in the surrounding area, ranging from 30-50%. Despite discovering this severe case of bone loss, Dr L did not make any attempt at periodontal charting, made no diagnosis of periodontal disease and did not inform his patient that there was gum disease present.

Unfortunately matters became worse for Mrs M as repeated trips to the dentist only resulted in more diagnosis of bone loss and extraction of teeth.

It wasn’t until 2010, over 6 years since Dr L first treated Mrs M, that she decided to seek a second opinion, where the true extent of the damage eventually came to light.

Her new dental surgery found that 17 teeth had between 50 and 100% bone loss around them and that she was suffering from severe periodontal disease. Unfortunately the damage was done as Mrs M had to have a further 9 teeth extracted in addition to the previous 3, with her dentist having to declare another 4 with a “poor” prognosis.

This case highlights how devastating dental negligence can be as well as the damage misdiagnosis can do to patients who put their trust in Dentists to do the right thing.

Fortunately, the expert dental negligence solicitors at The Dental law Partnership were on hand to help Mrs M pursue a compensation claim for her injuries, resulting in a £12,000 compensation claim.

This claim will help Mrs M get the treatment she deserves and will help pay for extensive surgery and replacement procedures.

The expert dental negligence solicitors at The Dental law Partnership understand how devastating botched dental surgery can be, and as such we fight for the maximum amount of compensation available at all times.

If you feel you have been a victim of dental negligence or suffered due to poor dentistry including misdiagnosis of gum disease, contact the specialist lawyers at The Dental Law Partnership on 0800 0853 823 to get your dental negligence claim underway.