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Case Study

Compensation Received – £19,000

Ms M from the South West had been a regular attendee with Dr A for over 40 years from the age of 21. She put a lot of trust in her dentist, and felt confident that she was receiving the best level of care over the years. Unfortunately this wasn’t the case.

Dr A provided Ms M with a number of restorations, such as, root canal treatment and implant replacements, while not diagnosing the decay that was present at a number of her teeth.
It was when Ms M started to experience pain at her some of her teeth that she thought there may be a problem, on some occasions the pain kept her awake at night. She visited Dr A and explained the situation but was just prescribed antibiotics.

While the antibiotics helped for a while they didn’t fully get rid of the pain from which she was suffering. So Ms M decided she wanted to see another dentist and get their opinion.

Ms M commented, “I didn’t feel like anything was getting any better so I thought what would be the harm in getting a second opinion.”

It was at this referral that the horrors of her oral situation came to light. Decay was found in a number of teeth and poor restorations such as root canal treatment, implant replacements and crowns were also noted.

Dr A’s lack of care resulted in Ms M losing 5 teeth and being in severe pain for a long time. She suffered an unpleasant taste in her mouth for several months, infections, and having to undergo courses of implant treatment. Along with all this she will now require future implant replacement, root canal treatment and crown provision.

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