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Case Study

Compensation Received – £20,000


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Mr H from the North West was awarded £20,000 after an appalling level of dental neglect took place following a failed diagnosis of decay. The Dental Law Partnership successfully represented Mr H when he decided to make a claim about his dentist, securing the compensation amount he deserved.

After visiting Dr N for many years at his local dental surgery, Mr H began to experience spells of toothache in two of his teeth. Although the pain was initially bearable, Mr H could no longer ignore the problem when it began to affect his daily sleep patterns. He decided to book an appointment with Dr N in order to establish where the pain was coming from.

Dr N failed to pick up the problem immediately and Mr H continued to experience high levels of pain. A number of appointments and exchanges occurred before Dr N finally decided to take an x-ray of Mr H’s mouth. By the time this happened, tooth decay had progressed to an extremely severe level in two of his teeth with the only option resulting in extraction. Unfortunately, a routine visit rapidly turned into both a distressing and expensive trip for Mr H.

During the extraction procedure, Mr H suffered a severe dental nerve injury caused by an anaesthetic injection. This has left Mr H with permanent numbness in his lower lip, as a result of this shocking event of dental neglect, Mr H repeatedly burns his mouth when eating and has developed anxiety about needles and dental treatment.

Had Dr N promptly diagnosed and treated the decay at Mr H’s troublesome wisdom tooth and molar, significant levels of pain, discomfort and permanent injury could have been avoided.

Our team of specialist solicitors took on Mr H’s case and effectively secured £20,000 in damages. No amount of money will be able to reverse what Mr H went through, but it can help him begin to get over the suffering and support with any future restorative treatment. For more information on how we can help you claim for dental compensation, call us today on Freephone 0800 0853 823.