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Case Study

Compensation Received – £20,000



A patient from the North West of England was awarded £20,000 after his dentist failed to perform surgery correctly, resulting in over 3 years of sinus problems and continued suffering.

Mr V approached the expert dental negligence solicitors at the Dental Law Partnership after it was found that his dentist was directly responsible for the continuous bouts of sinusitis and ongoing health problems stemming from a tooth removal.

Dr BDH performed a tooth extraction on Mr V after he attended in good faith thinking that his dentist would be able to perform the surgery to a high standard. Unfortunately for Mr V, the surgery did not go well at all. After suffering continued bouts of sinusitis shortly after the operation, Mr V’s doctor prescribed a course of antibiotics to help with the ongoing problems he was suffering.

Eventually a CT scan was recommended where it was discovered that his dentist had failed to remove the root correctly. A retained root was discovered in the gum and another was also discovered in the maxillary sinus – the cause of the continued bouts of sinusitis. Fortunately the root in the gum was able to be removed, but the damaged root that Dr BDH had failed to remove remained for 3 years, causing years of suffering. Finally Mr V was able to undergo surgery to have the root in his maxillary sinus extracted via endoscopic sinus surgery under general anaesthetic.

The experts at the Dental Law Partnership were able to secure £20,000 in compensation for Mr V after it was found that his dentist acted negligently.

A compensation claim helps victims of dental negligence cope with the injuries they have sustained by providing them with the means to get the dental treatments they deserve. A dental negligence compensation claim also helps to cover the costs of any medical bills, loss of earnings and helps to ease the pain and suffering from any social anxiety that has been brought on by the fact their dentist may have damaged their smile.

We understand how devastating injuries like those sustained by Mr V can be, and as such fight for the maximum amount of compensation at all times to ensure our clients have access to the treatments and the compensation they deserve.

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