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Case Study

Compensation Received – £20,000

Miss U successfully completed orthodontic treatment to perfect her smile when she was a teenager and expected to receive the best advice from her dentists in order to ensure her oral health was excellent. However this unfortunately wasn’t the case. She had been a regular attending patient with her dentists for a number of years and didn’t think that there were any issues with her gums.

Neither Dr M nor Dr D informed her of her deteriorating oral health. They both failed to diagnose Miss U’s periodontal condition and didn’t mention the serious problems that were occurring.

It wasn’t until Miss U noticed that there were gaps between her teeth that she decided to get another opinion. Concerned there were issues with her orthodontic treatment she booked an appointment with her orthodontist to get some advice. It was at this visit that the extent of the neglect was found. She was informed that she was suffering with severe bone loss and the orthodontist advised Miss U to return to her dentist or to a periodontal specialist.

Due to the lack of care provided by the two dentists Miss U has suffered avoidable bone loss and the drifting of a number of teeth. She has also had to go through remedial orthodontic treatment and composite bonding, due to the neglect from both Dr M and Dr D Miss U is also likely to lose a tooth. Miss U will now also have to face intensive periodontal treatment in order to maintain her dentition.

Ms U approached the Dental Law Partnership about her experience and our team started working on the fight for compensation, Miss U successfully received £20,000. If you, or someone you know, have experienced what you believe to be dental negligence or if you feel let down by your dentist, contact us today on 0808 271 6955