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Case Study

Compensation Received – £3,000

Mrs M attended an appointment with her dentist, Dr Y, for a consultation about replacement dental crowns because she was unhappy with how one of hers looked. She thought asking for her dentist’s advice first would mean she would be given the best options to help with her teeth. Dr Y agreed to the procedure and booked Mrs M in for another appointment at a later date where he would fit her with the replacement.

For a while the new crowns were fine and Mrs M didn’t notice any problems. It wasn’t until she started to experience pain and discomfort that she became suspicious that something wasn’t quite right. She made an appointment with a new dentist complaining of the pain that was coming from the tooth. The new dentist found an abscess at the tooth and provided her with antibiotics and told Mrs M that the crown with which she had been fitted had been made to a poor standard, he advised her that she would need repeat root canal treatment.

The poor fit of the crown meant that there was an increased chance that an infection would develop. Unfortunately for Mrs M the infection became an abscess. As a result of Dr Y’s neglect Mrs M experienced pains, discomfort and infections. She has had to undergo restorative treatment and will have to undergo premature crown replacement.

Mrs M approached the Dental Law Partnership about whether she had a valid claim. Our team of solicitors got on the case which resulted in Mrs M receiving £3,000 compensation. If you feel like you have been the victim of dental negligence then contact us today on 0808 271 6955