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Case Study

Compensation Received – £30,000


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A woman in the South West of England was the victim of eleven years of malpractice on the part of her dentist when he failed to carry out appropriate examinations and treatment for gum disease, resulting in massive damage to the patient’s mouth.

Miss T first visited her dentist in 2002, suffering early symptoms of gum disease. This was not recognised by her dentist, Dr C, however, as he failed to carry out investigations in order to diagnose the issue. Even worse, when it became increasingly evident – over the course of eleven years – that Miss T was suffering from gum disease, Dr C still failed to recognise it and therefore did not carry out the appropriate treatment.

A second dentist recognised the problem, but by then the gum disease had persisted so long that Miss T’s pain was intense the damage to her mouth was extreme. As a result she lost two teeth and is set to lose 16 more in the near future. This will then require implant treatment to fix the resulting gaps in her dentition.

When Miss T approached The Dental Law Partnership, we fought on her behalf to claim compensation to make up for the years of pain and suffering and pay for the extensive treatment she required. Our hard work resulted in her being awarded compensation of £30,000.

At The Dental Law Partnership, we’re experts in claiming compensation for those who have suffered negligence at the hands of their dentist, or received substandard dental treatment or cosmetic dentistry. We can help you claim the compensation you deserve in order to get you the appropriate dental treatment and make up for what you went through.

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