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Compensation Received – £38,000


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Mrs A was awarded £38,000 in damages after the Dental Law Partnership successfully fought for the dental negligence compensation she deserved.

For a period of over 24 years and nearly 170 appointments, Mrs A was a regular at her local dental surgery. Dr R was responsible for Mrs A’s oral health, yet she never expected to discover the extent of his mistreatment over the years. After trusting Dr A for over two decades, Mrs A’s teeth were deteriorating as a result of tooth decay. Dr A repeatedly failed to acknowledge the worsening state of Mrs A’s teeth when she attended her appointments, telling her everything appeared to be fine.

Dr A had left a number of Mrs A’s teeth in an inadequate state and root canal treatment was advised. Following the procedure, Mrs A still felt excruciating pain and was not satisfied with how it was executed. She said, “I wasn’t happy with how I was treated in Dr A’s surgery and the aftercare I received following my root canal treatment just wasn’t up to scratch.”

Mrs A decided to take things further and came to the Dental Law Partnership for advice. She initially made us aware about her unsatisfactory bridge, however when we reviewed her records more widespread failings were identified. There had been a general failure by Dr A to diagnose and treat decay and adequately restore a number of teeth, and of the teeth that had decay 6 were treated badly with root canal treatment and as a result of this poor treatment will need to be extracted.

She said, “I was in complete shock. After all these years I had no idea the decay had just been left to ruin my teeth and I’m so glad I sought advice when I did.”

During her treatment under  Dr R, Mrs A had to have a shocking 14 teeth extracted due to his failures to treat decay and it’s likely she will need more removed in the future. Additionally, the state of Mrs A’s oral health meant that remedial treatment including placement of multiple implants and implant retained crowns and bridges were required.

We were determined to ensure Mrs A was awarded the compensation she deserved following the extent of pain and suffering she had gone through, so we set our team of highly skilled, legal experts on the case. It’s going to take some time for Mrs A to recuperate from this traumatic experience, but with a successful compensation amount of £38,000, hopefully recovery can begin sooner rather than later.

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