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Case Study

Compensation Received – £4,000

Ms M attended an emergency appointment with her dentist Dr S after experiencing a spell of toothache. During the appointment the problem tooth was noted to have decay and root canal treatment was suggested. Wanting to be rid of the pain Ms M went ahead with the procedure.

Ms M commented, “I was suffering with terrible toothache so I was happy to go ahead with the treatment as I thought this would get rid of my pain!”

While root canal treatment is known to be slightly uncomfortable most treatment proceeds without any problems, unfortunately for Ms M it didn’t go to plan. Part of the instrument fractured during the procedure and Dr S told the client she would be referred for an assessment by an endodontic specialist. Dr S gave Ms M some antibiotics to help with the tooth.

A few days later Ms M was still in a lot of pain so made an appointment to see another dentist. An infection was also noted at the tooth and Ms M was provided with treatment options, however with the pain being too much she had the tooth extracted. After the extraction Ms M was provided with a denture. Though the pain had subsided the denture caused Ms M some difficulties so the decision was made to have a bridge fitted. It was also noted that the original root canal was done to a poor standard and had perforated the root.

Due to the lack of care shown by Dr S, Ms M suffered a period of avoidable pain and discomfort and also suffered the loss of a tooth. She had to have a denture that she found difficult to wear and adjust to, this caused her embarrassment when going out to social events with friends. In the future Ms M will need an implant supported crown.

After going through this ordeal Ms M decided to contact the Dental Law Partnership to see if she could make a claim. Our team of specialists took on the case and helped secure the outcome of £4,000 compensation which will go towards future remedial treatment. If you feel like you have experienced dental negligence then don’t hesitate to get in touch! Call us today on 0808 271 6955.