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Case Study

Compensation Received – £9,000

The Dental Law Partnership have successfully helped Mrs M with her dental negligence case which resulted in a successful compensation amount of £9,000.

Mrs M was a regular attendee at her local dental practice and had been a patient of Dr W for a number of years. On one particular occasion, she booked an appointment with Dr W after suffering from unbearable toothache. After an initial examination, Dr W prescribed a dose of antibiotics and explained that this was the right treatment for her pain. However, Mrs M found herself repeatedly booking further appointments at the practice as the pain was not subsiding and Dr W continued to misdiagnose the wrong tooth as the cause of the discomfort.

Dr W decided that the best option was to remove the apparent problematic tooth and conducted the procedure without informing Mrs M of all the appropriate treatment options. Following the extraction, she was still experiencing high levels of pain and therefore sought a second opinion from another dentist. It was only at this point that Dr W’s poor level of dental work was revealed; the assessment with the new dentist proved that Dr W had removed the wrong tooth which was why she was still suffering from pain around the tooth.

As a result of inattention and malpractice, Mrs M has suffered the unfortunate avoidable loss of a tooth. Additionally, following the extraction she continued to suffer with excruciating pain, causing her to have difficulty eating solid food.

The Dental Law Partnership were able to review Mrs M’s case and provide her with the expert legal advice needed in order to ensure she was awarded the amount to which she was entitled. £9,000 compensation was successfully awarded to our client and she can now begin to put this ordeal behind her.

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