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Case Study

Compensation Received : £91,500


Mrs C started visiting Dr L in 2001, where she had regular check-ups and routine appointments. Mrs C trusted that Dr L was providing her with the best level of care and advising her accordingly in regards to her oral hygiene.

During numerous visits there was no mention of Mrs C’s deteriorating oral health and that she was suffering with periodontal disease. Mrs C also had numerous visits with the hygienist to help with her oral hygiene. During one appointment with Dr L Mrs C mentioned that she was concerned with the swelling at her gums. Mrs C was prescribed antibiotics and advised to use hot water mouthwash.

However after feeling like no improvement was being made Mrs C decided to visit another dentist.

After a clinical examination with her new dentist Mrs C was advised that she had advanced periodontal disease. She was also informed that there was a poor prognosis for a number of her teeth.

Mrs C said, ‘I couldn’t believe it. To be told that you have periodontal disease when you’ve been attending regular dental appointments is shocking and hard to process.’

Due to the poor care shown by Dr L, Mrs C has suffered with severe periodontal disease and severe bone loss resulting in the need for 21 teeth to be extracted and replacement implants. Mrs C now faces an extensive course of rehabilitative treatment. She will need to undergo intensive periodontal treatment and will require ongoing treatment and maintenance.

Mrs C continued, ‘My trust has been completely betrayed. This whole ordeal has had such a negative impact on my life. I’ve had to change my eating habits and now feel very self-conscience about my teeth and smile. To be told that you’ll be having 21 teeth removed is difficult to get to grips with.’

She has also suffered with pain and the inconvenience of implant surgery to replace teeth, as well as suffering with stress, worry and upset since she was diagnosed with periodontal disease which has caused her to suffer from low moods. Had Dr L provided the correct diagnosis and treatment Mrs C would have been able to stabilise her periodontal condition.

Jonathan Owen of the Dental Law Partnership commented, ‘The distress and pain our client experienced was completely unnecessary. If the dentist had carried out adequate treatment in the first place our client would have been able to get her condition under control.”

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