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National Teeth Whitening Day

Reality TV show portrayals and the social media frenzy of people obsessed with the idea of perfectly straight, white teeth, are part of the reason a third of people under 35 living in the UK are turning to cosmetic dental treatments. Over time we have been led to believe that if your teeth do not look a certain way then they are not perfect. And days like “National Teeth Whitening Day” only further fuel that idea.

Chris Dean, Director at the Dental Law Partnership, said, “The ‘new normal’ for perfectly straight, brilliantly white teeth is leading to what I would refer to as ‘dental dysmorphia’ amongst many young people, who think there is something wrong with their teeth, when they are in fact perfectly normal and healthy.” Read more here

So, you may ask, why does DLP recognise National Teeth Whitening Day?

At the Dental Law Partnership, we care more than anything about smiles, we care that our clients are confident in their smile’s, that our staff smile at work and that future victims of dental negligence, are confident enough to come forward and seek the help they need to find their smile again. Choosing to recognise this day for us means being part of the transformation to encourage healthier smiles, improve our oral health habits and embrace our natural teeth.

What are some tips to keep your teeth and oral health happy and healthy?

The first thing to note is improved oral hygiene will be your best friend, understanding the value of brushing your teeth twice a day, and taking care of your teeth not for the now but for the future too. Our team have put together some important messages for helping to maintain your best oral health in our recent blog here.

Maintaining a heathly balanced diet is important for your overall health but it works in hand in hand for your dental health too. Fruit and vegetables are key for keeping your gums healthy and act a natural floss to help fight plaque build-up too.

But don’t neglect your tongue, when brushing ensure you are also cleaning your tongue too. Our dental experts recommend simply gently brushing your tongue every time your brush your teeth.

If you think your dentist has neglected your smile and you think you have been the victim of poor dental treatment, get in touch with the Dental Law Partnership today.



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